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Electroceramica makes Electrical products in epoxy resin with different kind of resin, color or TG, indoor and outdoor. We produce from 1kV to 52kV from small dimensions to more than 1meter. Our process is 100% traceable so each piece is traceable from each operation, we work with Kanban system or open contracts ore spot orders. Electroceramica has around 100 employees and is exporting 100% of it’s production.
Preparation plant
we have a double preparation plant able to prepare 1000 kg of material per day. We have bought a second similar plant and until the end of this month it will be functionally and with it, the capacity will be doubled.
Transport of the material to the presses
is made with 15 containers under pressure
about 5 million EURO/year
Raw materials
we are using epoxy resin and hardner from Huntsman/Switzerland and silica sand (quartz) from Sklopisek Strelec/Czech Republic
Main clients
ABB Italy, Schneider Electric Italy, Imequadri Duestelle Italy, ICET Industries Italy, OEMB Elettromeccanica S.p.A Italy, ENEL Italy
with 11 injection presses, there are produced different types of insulators
Thermal treatment
in 5 room ovens and 1 tunel oven
Glass transition temperature (Tg)
we are able to determin the Tg for any prepared material
Quality control devices
a device to check the leakage with helium, another to check the strenght to internal pressure, a device to check the partial discharges, an X Rays machine
High voltage laboratory
we can make all the required electrical tests
Injection moulds
generally, they belong to our clients
100 persons in 2 or 3 shifts
Main products
components for MV switchgears and MV disconectors, bushings, post insulators, a.s.o